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Summium CPQ

Summium CPQ tool will improve your order-delivery process, particularly through more streamlined communication between product development, sales and manufacturing. Additionally, Summium CPQ can be fully integrated into most common information systems. It decreases the requirements of sales reps technical expertise as well as enables flawless and unified pricing and quotation documentation throughout the sales channel.

Extensive Product Features

Project Sales

Configuration of product and service portfolio

Guided Selling

More satisfied customer through easier sales

Price Manager

Centralized pricing management

Quote Manager

Unified quotations fast

Document Generator

High quality and unified documentation

Sales Channel Management

Also for retailers and partners


Illustrative images in user interface and documents

Device Independent

Distinct user interface for mobile devices

Wide Range of Integrations

Integrate into other information systems

Cloud Based Sales

Accessible in any place at any time


Use in your native language

Master Data

Correct data in right system

Product Modelling & Maintenance

Product data and rule management

Offline Configurator

Also without Internet connection

In addition to single products and services, Summium CPQ system’s patented project sales configurator enables you to configure, price and quote entire projects consisting of many different products and services. Mutual rules can be created also between distinct products within the same project. Thus the configuration of one product or product family will affect the configuration or pricing of another product or product family.

Also project related options, services, responsibilities as well as cost and price information can be enclosed to the project. A summary view of the project can be displayed in Summium CPQ user interface which will assist you in engineering and visualizing the project as a whole. When the configuration is finalized, the project can be included in one quotation and transferred to order.

Guided Selling assists sales persons through step by step questions and sales selections to offer the product and service combination that best matches customer needs. By nature guided selling is customer-oriented, not product-oriented.

Thus the sales person doesn’t necessarily need to know all the technical details and valid product combinations of the product offering he or she is selling. Neither does the customer need be very familiar with the product offering in order to select the best applicable option for himself.

Guided selling can be accomplished by combining customer needs to product items. Thus desired customers needs can be fulfilled only with certain product items and features. The product and service combination that fulfills customer needs can also be optimized for instance according to manufacturing costs, price or delivery time.


Ohjatun myynnin opas

In Finnish .pdf


Traditionally salesman asks the customer product-related questions, such as

What product the customer wants to buy?
How much power the product needs to have?
Which material selection the customer wants to make?
What product options the customer needs?

In guided selling salesman asks the customer customer-need-related questions, such as

What kind of material is being transferred in the process?
How much the product will be used a year?
In what kind of usage environment will the product be used?
What end results are required of the product?

Summium CPQ price manager is a tool for the pricing organization that manages price information between sales organizations, partners and retailers. The tool automatically prices the configuration specific product and service combination for the quotation.

Pricing can be managed in several different levels, such as through factory prices, costs, factors or margins. Additionally, pricing can be executed differently between internal sales staff, partners and retailers as well as according to market areas, countries and currencies.

With Summium CPQ price manager, price updates in changing market situation are implemented quickly and they stay under control because the changes are immediately visible to all relevant parties.

Summium CPQ system automatically generates a configuration specific quotation and additional enclosure documents which can be commercial and technical by nature. It is also possible for users to manually add enclosure documents to the quotation, modify the quotation template as well as add for instance individual comments, customer or sender specific information or quotation terms.

Quotation status can be changed during the quotation lifecycle from draft to open quotation, order, lost quotation or something else according to customer needs. Available documents can be altered according to quotation status or user profile.

Email functionality enables a sales person before signing the contract to effortlessly send the quotation to his or her superior or to the factory for approval. Finally the quotation can be saved to Summium CPQ or some external database so that different versions of the quotation are available for later use.

Summium CPQ system generates sales, manufacturing and executive documents using built-in document generator. The documentation can include several dynamically generated configuration specific documents, such as quotation templates, bill of materials, flow charts and technical specifications. It may also include the description of the delivery project content and responsibilities, illustrative pictures of the products as well as cost and profit calculations for companies’ internal use.

The content of the documents is generated from the information contained in the configurator, master data stored in Summium CPQ or external systems, document templates, document management systems, customer, user and third party information as well as commercial quotations. Summium CPQ supports among others Microsoft Office, PDF, SVG, RTF, XML and TXT formats.

With the help of Summium CPQ system, sales and delivery network have a unified appearance. This is accomplished due to the same tool being used within the entire network to manage the internal pricing, sales, ordering and delivery processes as well as external customer interfaces. Summium CPQ enables the correct sales documentation by providing entire sales and delivery network with necessary up-to-date product information in real-time. Additionally, Summium CPQ can be used to easily manage new product launches globally.

Profile-based rights can be used to limit user rights and user interface between different user groups. Thus, for instance, price and margin information can be displayed differently among internal and external sales people. Similarly the product offering being sold can be altered based on retailer or area, for example.

Summium CPQ tool can utilize images for several different purposes. User can make selections in the user interface by clicking an image, which will increase the illustration and visualization of these selections. Additionally, images and informative text can be placed in connection with individual selections in order to illustrate and ease the selections made by the user.

The visualizer of Summium CPQ enables illustrative, dimensional and layout pictures and drawings to be dynamically generated about product and service offering. These pictures provide added informative value to sales, documents and production.

Additionally, the configuration of a product can be done by clicking a 3D image. The image can be rotated and zoomed in a pleasant angle. Finished 3D image is automatically transferred to quotation document in a desired place. SVG generator can use 2D or 3D images created with CAD or other design systems.

Summium CPQ is a browser-based system which is compatible with all browsers without any separately installed plugins. Configurator user interface has been consciously designed to be user friendly with mobile devices so that the system can be used also with tablets and smartphones. This way the sales organization can quickly address customer needs and perform sales work everywhere and at any time.

Summium CPQ system has a dynamic interface module through which it can be integrated into the most common information systems used by businesses, such as ERP, PDM, CRM, CAD and BI systems. Thus Summium CPQ can either retrieve information from or transmit information to these systems. The information retrieved from other systems traditionally consists of numerical data, documents or most suitable product components. Additionally, Summium CPQ has a MS Excel interface which makes it possible to automatically transfer data from one system to another.

Summium CPQ can utilize other systems in real-time, such as external CAD systems, supplier component search systems or modelling, strength calculation and dimensioning applications. Connections to other information systems are mostly implemented through WebService technology.

Summium CPQ system is available in the cloud as a SaaS service, and thus it can be used at any time and at any place. Deployment of the system is quick and doesn’t require the customer to make any separate equipment or software investments. This in turn frees the customer from worrying about system updates and maintenance.

We offer the customer the use of Wapice Ltd’s server environment but if the customer so desires, Summium CPQ system can be operated also in the third party’s server environment.

Summium CPQ is genuinely a multilingual system since the languages of the user interface, product models and documentation can easily be managed with Summium CPQ’s translator tool. Different languages can also be mixed for instance in such a way that the documents are in different language than the user interface. In this way the configuration can be made using the language of the salesperson, whereas the quotation can be sent in customer’s language.

Effective sales work in the destination country often requires the using of a local language, and thus multilingualism is a necessary feature in a modern tool. As a result of this multilingual feature, Summium CPQ is a very applicable tool to manage also global sales network.

Summium CPQ system is an effective location to store sales and other product master data. The system comprehensively supports also existing master data systems thus allowing existing data to be effectively utilized for sales purposes. When master data from other systems is used, sales information can be added to it to be stored in Summium CPQ. This enables the storing of the correct data in relevant systems.

A distinct, user friendly and graphical modelling and maintenance tool is used to build the customer-need-specific configurator with product specifications and rules. We build or assist our customers in building the product models out of which the configurator is generated. Due to MS Excel interface the customer himself can enter the product data in a template provided by us. From this template the data can automatically be imported to Summium CPQ. This saves customer’s procurement costs as well as often quickens the procurement process.

The product models are always built with easy maintenance in mind so that rule sets would not require changes in case product data is updated. During this construction process the configurator user interface is automatically generated without programming yet enabling the user interface to be modified as desired.

Summium CPQ system is available to sales organization also offline without an Internet connection. Changes made in the configurator when being offline are updated in Summium CPQ during the next online connection. During offline functionality user can use Summium CPQ normally as in online state. However, such integrations which retrieve information in real-time from external systems to support the configuration, naturally cannot be utilized in the absence of Internet connection.