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Customer Success Stories

Wapice has been developing the Summium CPQ tool in close collaboration with leading industrial companies since the year 2000. Today, Summium CPQ has thousands of satisfied users around the world. Our customer base consists of both large and small businesses, operating for example in mechanical engineering, process, electronics and electrotechnical industry, as well as companies in the service sector. Take a closer look at some of our success stories.


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ABB is a leading power engineering and automation technology corporation headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. The company’s product portfolio includes motors, robots, low-voltage products, and products improving the energy efficiency of power transmission, power distribution, industrial, and power plant production processes. ABB employs approx. 145,000 people in about 100 countries.

We have delivered to ABB three individual Summium CPQ solutions intended for different applications.



With the help of Summium CPQ, ABB launched a whole new generation of electrical switch. The solution functions as a technical product selection tool used by the customers of ABB for configuring the power switches meeting their specific needs. Each power switch becomes a unique product sent to ABB’s ERP system, for which an ordering code is generated. Later on, based on the ordering code, the customer can order the power switch he or she configured. The tool generates various technical drawings and other documents of the power switch. The tool has thousands of users worldwide.


Summium CPQ facilitates sales of customized power switches, rendering the process truly customer-driven, as the power switch configuration and ordering operations are outsourced directly to ABB’s customers. This ensures that the power switches are better suited to the customers’ individual needs. Moreover, since the tool automatically provides the technical documentation, ABB resources are freed for performance of functions other than document preparation.



ABB uses Summium CPQ as a visual power grid protection and automation products marketing and presentation tool, allowing the user to define a product suitable for the application in question and complying with the requirements by making just a few selections. The product range is presented by comprehensible images accompanied by additional information on each specific product. The list of suitable products is shortened based on the selections made by the user. After finding of the right product, the user is directed to ABB home page or advised to contact the sales. The tool is used by ABB customers worldwide.


Summium CPQ provides ABB with the possibility of product presentation over the Internet, and ABB customers can make use of a convenient self-service interface for exploring the products offered by the company. The tool facilitates the making of purchasing decisions by the customers, allowing them to shorten the list of products based on their intended application and needs, instead of proceeding from conditions established by the products. Owing to this, choosing of the best suitable product does not require from the customers in-depth technical knowledge of the product range.



The Power Plant Automation unit utilises Summium CPQ for sales and pricing of new software licences and the related hardware. Extension of existing licences and upgrading to new versions also takes place via Summium CPQ. Even though all the licences are in the same tool, the views accessible to the customers can be limited by modification of user rights. Hundreds of sellers around the world use the tool. After the introduction of Summium CPQ, the spreadsheet programs used earlier are no longer applied for pricing purposes.


The sale of new licences and updating existing ones on the global scale is more convenient and easier to control, since Summium CPQ guides the user and allows making of acceptable selections only. Pricing is up-to-date and consistent among all sellers, even though global pricing management in case of different customers is also feasible. There is less manual work, since the necessary documents are created automatically by the tool. The introduction of Summium CPQ has also facilitated reporting and sales supervision.



Elkamo Ab Ltd. is an international power distribution systems manufacturer specialised in transformer solutions. Their product range includes medium and low voltage switchboards as well as distribution transformers intended for industrial and power plant applications.



Elkamo sales personnel use Summium CPQ as a visual product design and ordering tool allowing the seller to configure products that meet the customers’ needs. The tool generates a real-time conceptual image of the product, project-related information and numerous technical documents. In addition, the tool is integrated into the company’s ERP system. Over time, Elkamo has included an increasing number of its products under Summium CPQ.


After the introduction of Summium CPQ, the quotation process has become more efficient and faster. Offers to customers can be accompanied by visual conceptual images and technical information which add an additional value for the customer. One central benefit is that product flow is uniform throughout the company processes from sales to manufacturing. Additionally system integration facilitates and accelerates the customer collaboration.


Flowrox Ltd. manufactures valves and pumps especially for the demanding conditions of mining, mineral, power engineering, and environmental industries. The majority of the company’s output is exported all over the world either directly or via subsidiaries and numerous partners.



Product configuration is performed in Summium CPQ, which also calculates the product price and generates the offer documentation. Summium CPQ retrieves item information from PDM system where the product master data is located. When an offer is transferred to an order, the module information of the product configured is sent to the PDM system and the customer data to the ERP system. Over time, Flowrox has included an increasing number of its products under Summium CPQ.


Summium CPQ allows benefitting from standardised electronic product portfolio and price list, as well as from unified offer documentation for the company’s sales. System integrations ensure that the sales personnel have access to the latest product information. There is less manual work as well, since the data are automatically transferred between systems. As a result, the offer process has become easier and faster and the need for technical support has decreased significantly.


Kalustetukku is a full-service kitchen store; in addition to kitchen solutions, bathroom and storage space furniture are available. The services offered also include design, installation, and financing services. In Finland, the company has over ten stores. The customer base consists of individual consumers as well as companies.



The seller selects the furniture and accessories suitable for the customer in Summium CPQ, and the tool generates a complete offer with the necessary price information. Additionally, the tool generates a procurement list of components to be ordered from the suppliers for internal use and assembly lists to be used by warehouse personnel. The tool has been integrated into the company’s ERP system.


With the help of Summium CPQ, product prices are managed in a centralised manner and much faster than before. The tool facilitates and accelerates product ordering from the suppliers, since it automatically generates final procurement lists for the user. Retrieving of correct products from the warehouse is faster than before due to complete assembly lists. Also internal invoicing has been accelerated significantly due to the integration built between Summium CPQ and company’s ERP system.


Prima Power is one of the global market leaders specialised in sheet metal processing machinery and systems. The product range includes laser cutting, punching, angle cutting and bending on all levels of automation, from machine tools to flexible manufacturing systems. The company’s products are being used for various applications in over 70 countries.



The sale of the entire Prima Power product range takes place via Summium CPQ. The tool allows selling of complete projects, since in addition to product configuration, the user can define project services, software, liabilities, and used machinery acceptable for exchange. The sales configurator is closely integrated into the company’s CRM system – in fact, it can be opened directly from inside the system. As a result of configuration, an extensive documentation is generated, which includes a quotation document containing images and commercial and technical information, as well as a comprehensive cost analysis.


After the introduction of Summium CPQ, the quotation process has become clearly faster, since an entire project can be configured and priced all at once and the offer documentation is automatically generated as a consequence of the configuration. Product configuration and pricing is less error-prone, since there are fewer memory-dependent or manual work stages. The offer documentation is consistent throughout the sales organisation, which in turn strengthens the company’s unified brand image.


Danfoss Drives operates on the international markets, developing, manufacturing, and selling variable speed drives and inverters and offering services covering their entire lifecycle. Danfoss Drives’ customer base consists of companies representing the shipbuilding and marine industry, mining and metalworking industry, and pulp and paper industry.



The worldwide sales of the Danfoss Drives’ Vacon® product range goes through Summium CPQ. The tool guides the configuration, pricing, quotation, and ordering processes related to the company’s mass-customized products and is closely integrated into its other information systems. The price and product data are transferred automatically from the sales configurator to the company’s ERP system; the orders submitted are distributed over the tool between the different plants depending on their production capacity. The documentation generated by Summium CPQ is quite versatile, including various commercial and technical documents during the offer and order stages.


Summium CPQ allows an efficient and concentrated offering, pricing, and ordering process, which has lead to significantly faster offer and order handling. Order processing is globally unified, since the entire personnel of the company uses the same tool. Summium CPQ allows data transfer between several different ERP systems, which means that the product delivery time and costs can be optimised by distributing the orders between different plants depending on their workload. Summium CPQ provides opportunities for efficient mass customization of products, thereby allowing product manufacture based on ‘built-to-order’ or ‘assembled-to-order’ principles.


Westwood Oy Ab is a company specialised in manufacture and installation of wooden stairs and railings. The company’s customer base consists of private consumers, house suppliers, and large construction companies. Each stair solution is designed separately based on the specific dimensions and customer needs.



Westwood introduced Summium CPQ as a pricing and quotation tool allowing easy design and pricing of stair solutions meeting the customers’ needs. In connection with this, application of the spreadsheet programs used earlier as part of the product pricing process was discontinued. Sales and retail organisations in Finland and abroad use the same tool, since the rights of different user groups can be limited depending on the needs of each specific group through the user profiles. Wapice takes care of tool maintenance.


Summium CPQ guides and enhances Westwood’s sales activity allowing the offering of only feasible stair combinations. In addition, it eliminated many former pricing and quotation stage-related challenges, such as price updates resulting from product modifications. Today, the tool automatically generates the product price and quotation template with images, which means that these are up-to-date and consistent throughout the sales channel. The response time to the customer’s modification needs has shortened, since different versions of the same quotation can easily be created. In addition, the offer base available in Summium CPQ facilitates prediction of future sales and production planning.


Molok is a global pioneer in deep collection systems for waste management. The product range is made up of various deep collection and surface collection systems sold worldwide to municipalities, housing associations, and private consumers.



The sales of Molok’s entire product range in Finland takes place via Summium CPQ. The product configuration and sales are carried out by sales personnel with a tablet device together with the customer. Summium CPQ’s 3D functionality is utilized in the configuration, which means that products are configured by clicking a 3D image. The tool generates a price for the products, a quotation document and a 3D image, which is automatically displayed in the quotation document. Summium CPQ is closely integrated into the company’s ERP system.


After the introduction of Summium CPQ, the sales process has been streamlined and several manual work phases have been removed. Nowadays, the sales personnel only need one tool for selling the products. Because the tool makes sure that the configuration rules are being followed, the correctness of the configuration is less dependent on the salesperson’s memory and knowhow. Due to the 3D functionality, an illustrative 3D image of the product being sold is included in the offer, which makes the customer’s purchasing decision easier. Also, the time spent on making the offer has decreased. Customer and product data no longer need to be manually entered into the ERP system in the order phase, since the ERP system receives relevant data from Summium CPQ automatically.