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Benefits of Sales Configurator

80 % of the customers purchase the products they need from the company which makes the purchasing process as easy as possible (source: Gartner Group). With the Summium CPQ tool, you can easily find the product and service package to meet the customer's needs from a complex product offering, as well as make more real-time, flawless offers containing price data faster, every time.

In addition, as a browser-based tool Summium CPQ is accessible to the salesperson or the customer in any place and at any time. All of this means easy availability, facilitation of customers' purchasing decision, more satisfied customers, increased sales skills and, above all, immediate growth in sales.

CPQ Benefits

Enhanced management of product offering

Respond to customer needs more effectively
The sales and engineering validity improves, because decision making and product configuration can be standardized and often brought closer to the decision-maker, i.e., from the vendor or designer to the customer. In this case deliveries correspond more closely to customer needs, incorrect deliveries will be reduced and there will be a faster reaction to changing needs.
Transparent communication
Summium CPQ enhances the communication between sales, product development and production, because the real-time sales and product information is immediately available to all parties. In this way, salespeople sell what production can manufacture and product development can design, and vice versa.
Integrate all necessary information in tendering and ordering processes
Because Summium CPQ can be fully integrated with all major information systems (ERP, PDM, CRM, CAD, BI), all salespeople have the information they need in a single user interface. In this way, less things need to be memorized and it isn't necessary to search for current prices or product information from different areas of the organization. Similarly, order information needs to be recorded only once in a single information system.
Eliminate business growth barriers
Summium CPQ removes growth barriers by significantly enhancing the potential of a current sales configurator and offer-order tool, possibly MS Excel-based.

More productive sales process

Flawless pricing and tendering documentation
Due to the Summium CPQ automated pricing tool and the document generator, the errors in pricing and tendering documents are eliminated, as salespeople no longer need to prepare documents manually for each client and product variation separately. In this case, procedures, prices, and documentation coincide for all salespeople.
Faster sales orders
The sales cycle is shortened by 27%, on average, (source: Aberdeen Group) as a result of a more efficient sales process. With the help of Summium CPQ, one of our customer succeeded in hastening their quotation process from two weeks to few hours.
Improved reporting and forecasting
With the help of Summium CPQ, sales reporting and forecasting improve, because all tendering and ordering information can be found in a single database. This, in turn, will support production planning.
Freed resources
As a result of an accelerated sales process, resources are free for other activities, such as strengthening customer relationships and increasing sales, which thus means growth in customer satisfaction and revenue.

Immediate growth in sales

Higher proposal volume
Salespeople can send buyers up to twice as many higher quality and more personalized offers as before (source: Aberdeen Group). This is also reflected as sales and profitability growth. According to one estimate, a comprehensive utilization of CPQ-tool will help companies grow sales by 10 % (source: Gartner Group).
Larger average deal size
Summium CPQ facilitates the customer's purchasing decision because the product and the offer can be presented clearly and simply, as well as through selections and features of the products affecting the procurement decision. Thus the utilization of CPQ tool will help companies enlarge their average deal size even by 105 % (source: Aberdeen Group).
More convincing sales negotiations
Summium CPQ increases the credibility of the vendor in sales negotiations, as possible product variations can be presented visually using terms familiar to the customer. In addition, Summium CPQ gives the desired product configuration, price information and the correct documentation for the product in question immediately, which will help to create a positive first impression and enhance the customer belief in the supplier as a potential business partner.
Decreased requirement of sales reps’ technical expertise
The salespeople's self-confidence, sense of security and motivation increase, because Summium CPQ will only allow valid sales options. In this way, new sales staff and external retailers are also able to immediately embrace the range of products sold.

Easy deployment and usability

Turnkey delivery
Summium CPQ is immediately ready for deployment upon delivery, so it is simple and fast to deploy. Summium CPQ is a sturdy and truly versatile tool with which customer’s product offering is modeled into the system during the delivery process. Thus Summium CPQ often replaces the customer's MS Excel or Word-based system.
Fast payback time
Summium CPQ payback time is really fast due to easy deployment and immediate benefits, such as a streamlined sales-product development-production process, and the removal of manual work phases.
Fully customizable
Summium CPQ is a rule, constraint and function based configurator, which will bring a significant flexibility on constructing the product model. Additionally, Summium CPQ user interface is fully customizable according to customer needs. Similarly, product and price changes made in the product model are seen immediately in the user interface.
Accessible in any place at any time
Summium CPQ works as browser-based cloud service, making it easily accessible to all salespeople, partners and customers regardless of time and place. Thus Summium CPQ facilitates better control of the global sales network, pricing and product launches.